Bill Phelps is Moto

Amidst a foray of hipsters, sporting freshly dishevelled beards and cropped beige trousers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, resides a photographer whose work itself is captivated by a sense of heritage. Phelps’ aesthetic encompasses the zeitgeist of an era inhabited by photography’s masters; August Sander, Horst P. Horst and Man Ray, placing Phelps as a well-deserved nominee in last years Lucie Awards for Fine Art.

Bill Phelps for Harley Davidson[Bill Phelps Harley Davidson]

Phelps’ photography presents a tangible sensuality in the raw, earthy portrayal of his subjects. It is this quality, perhaps, that earned Bill his chance to shoot for Harley Davidson – producing some of the most cinematic and captivating photography Harley have ever used in campaign. And if you didn’t already know – Bill is so infatuated with classic motorcycles that he owns a cafe-come-restaurant in Brooklyn called ‘Moto’ – I recommend trying the Date Cake!

However, when looking through the vast amount of new imagery on Phelp’s website, it is impossible not to notice the graphicism of his composition. Phelps work may allude to photography’s masters, but there is a subtle line of content on the website which is far more reminiscent of modernist graphic design. In his new portfolio collection entitled, ‘Advertising’, lies a campaign for Reebok where the creative scope of Phelps’ work has really come into play, incorporating Phelp’s stylistic quality with well architected design.

Bill Phelps for Reebok[Bill Phelps Reebok]

It seems odd that with all the on-trend qualities of Phelps’ work (name a brand store that hasn’t released a “Heritage” line in the past year!) that he is still so under the radar, though perhaps that is what makes his work so special. Looking at Phelps expanded online portfolio feels a little like discovering C.S. Lewis’ Narnia for the first time; it’s unique, worldly and I can’t wait to see more.


More of Bill Phelps work can be found on


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